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Mission and Values

Vision Statement

"Improving lives through exceptional healthcare"

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of people in the communities we serve by providing excellent quality, high value, healthcare services delivered with professional competence and compassion.

Strategic Directions

Clinical Excellence - Quality Care
Service Excellence - Quality Patient-Experience
Organizational Excellence - Quality Staff
Program/Service Development & Innovation
Resource Effectiveness
Community Partnerships

Coquille Valley Hospital Values

Working Together with Trust, Integrity and Accountability
We uphold the highest ethical standards and treat everyone fairly, and with professional courtesy, civility and respect.
We demonstrate accountability and dependability by following through on our commitments, accomplishing our goals and ensuring that our deeds match our words.
We take pride in being open minded and embrace the diversity inherent in all ideas and people.

Providing Patients and Customers an Exceptional Service Experience

We strive to exceed the expectations of all customers, internal as well as external, and to actualize Coquille Valley Hospital's "Service Skills and Standards".
We value every customer individually and our actions demonstrate care, compassion and human kindness in everything we do.
We not only listen well, we seek to understand others and then find a way to help.
We take personal ownership of customer problems or concerns and then follow through to completely resolve issues or see that responsibility to do so is assumed by another reliable co-worker.

Leading Through Personal and Professional Excellence

We foster and exemplify a commitment to excellence in all that we do.
Professional success begins with one's own personal excellence. We strive to always do our personal best and we accept responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. We work hard to excel at our jobs today and also develop skills for future needs and challenges.
We are goal-directed and solution-focused, and our goals complement and are aligned with hospital goals.
We look ahead and plan for the future. When faced with an obstacle, we look for creative, mutually beneficial solutions. We help guide and support others, knowing that every associate in our hospital is crucial to our success.

Promoting Teamwork and Partnership

We value the strength and collaboration found in teams. We put team and hospital goals above our own personal interests, support team decisions and work to support others in achieving the hospital's overall effectiveness.
We openly seek and share information, knowledge, constructive ideas and opinions.
We provide and accept effective, constructive and respectful feedback that helps us continue to learn and grow.
We encourage building and expanding a sense of community through partnerships with other community organizations and groups.

A Relentless Commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement

Our long-term success depends on how well we anticipate change, manage it, and turn challenges into opportunities.
We continuously seek ways to improve our job knowledge and personal work practices as well as ways to improve work processes, products and services across the organization. That's why we invest in the tools, technology and training needed to meet our most important goals and priorities.

Building a Financially Sound Organization

We all share directly in our organization's success and financial health. We take pride in contributing to the hospital's success by doing our jobs well, using resources wisely, eliminating waste, and continuously looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the organization's growth and/or manage costs.
In order to be successful over the long-term, we strive to balance meeting the needs of our customers and communities with the overall needs and goals of the organization.

Download a copy of our Mission Statement in pdf format here.

Our Policies Regarding Your Privacy

Coquille Valley Hospital takes your privacy extremely seriously and we are committed to protecting your medical information while ensuring that your record is complete enough to allow us to provide you with quality care. You can download our detailed policy (updated October 20, 2004) regarding Use and Disclosures of Medical Information here in Microsoft Word format, or here in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. (Simply right-click on the link, then select "save link as" or "save target as" - depending on your browser.)

If you have questions about this document, please contact our Patient Services Representative at 541-396-1062.